m2fx partners with Hevek Company in Iraq

Chicago, USA and Erbil, Iraq, 5 May 2015 – m2fx, the inventors and producers of the world-leading range of patented Miniflex™ fiber cables today announced a new partnership with Hevek Company, expanding distribution of its products into Iraq for the first time.

Established for over 20 years, Hevek Company focuses on supplying the highest quality fiber optic products to telecoms providers in Iraq, helping transform the country’s telecommunications network and expanding the economy through high speed fiber networks, including Fiber to the Home (FTTH) deployments.

Hevek Company will provide customers with m2fx’s full product range, including its tough yet flexible range of pushable fiber cables, lightweight aerial solutions and microducts for FTTH networks. It chose to work with m2fx due to the high quality of its products, and their proven ability to lower the cost of installations by deskilling deployments while increasing reliability.

“There is nothing else on the market that compares to m2fx’s product range. It offers the lightest and most flexible aerial cable on the market, while its Miniflex design has no direct competitors, and uniquely provides our customers with a true outdoor/indoor fiber optic cable that can be pushed up to 100m in microducts by hand,” said Mr. Fariborz Ardalan, Managing Director, Hevek Company. “With m2fx solutions now available in Iraq data providers finally have the opportunity to quickly respond to customer demands without needing expensive installation equipment or highly trained engineers.”

Hevek Company has already supplied m2fx cables and microducts to leading carrier Gorannet, which is deploying them as part of its FTTH customer rollout in Kurdistan.

“The telecoms market in Iraq is changing very quickly as the country rebuilds and upgrades infrastructure, harnessing the power of high speed fiber to transform the economy,” said Simon Roberts, sales director, Middle East and Africa, m2fx. “Hevek Company is playing an integral role in sourcing leading fiber optic solutions for the market, and the combination of its experience and customer base will help accelerate cost-effective, reliable Fiber to the Home deployments in Iraq.”

Developed to resist the toughest conditions, and withstand direct sun and long term temperatures of 80 degrees centigrade the Miniflex range combines lightness, flexibility and robustness. The strength of Miniflex’s pre-tested products means they can be nailed directly to external and internal walls, without the need for additional ducting.

Thanks to m2fx’s patented QuikPush pushable technology, installation speed is dramatically increased as crews can simply push or pull fiber to its destination, without the need to use expensive blowing machines. Crews can complete 60% more installations per day without impacting quality. By deskilling operations cheaper labor can be used, bringing down costs by up to 50% in the Middle East.

About m2fx
The inventor of pushable fiber, m2fx makes hard plastic flexible through its patented grooved design and process, protecting optical fibre during the last mile of an install. Best known for its innovative Miniflex™ protection tube, cable and microduct products, m2fx specializes in tough yet flexible FTTX cable/microduct routing products that are designed to protect fibre yet still be light and ultra flexible to enable fast and efficient installation in the field. Its patented pushable technology dramatically reduces the time and cost of installations by removing the need for specialist equipment and skills, leading to typical installation savings of 50% compared to traditional methods.

Headquartered in the UK and with global sales operations, m2fx has already delivered over 35,000 kilometers of duct and Miniflex cable that has been manufactured at its state of the art UK production facility. m2fx products have connected over 60,000 buildings globally and are deployed in telecoms networks, data centers, cars and aircraft in 52 countries across the world.

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